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The scope of our buisness includes Structural Engineering, Home Inspection and Project mangement.

We are professional and licesed Engineers (P.Eng, Struct.Eng), Home inspector (memeber of Home inspector association BC) and Project management Professional (PMP). Most of us have about or more than twenty years experience in construction industry.

Dr. Ning (Alex) Liu
      PMP  P.ENG.

 公司总经理刘宁博士(Dr. Alex Liu),清华大学建筑力学博士,UBC建筑管理硕士。注册项目经理(美国,加拿大),注册结构专业工程师(BC, Alberta), BC注册验房师 (70954), 20年建筑从业经验,2000多个验房和工程检验项目(home inspection and engineering inspection)

Gilbert Shang    Senior Structural Engineer/Consultant

Gilbert Shang,高级工程师,注册结构专业工程师(BC, Alberta), 20余年建筑从业经验,在中国,加拿大和美国设计和现场指导多个大型项目。

Victor Ge  
  P.Eng.  M.Eng

Victor Ge, 结构工程硕士,高级工程师。注册结构专业工程师。 超过20年的工程咨询从业经验。

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